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ICI's Professional Internal Control Certification - CICS - Specialist and CICP - Professional

The need for improved and more reliable internal control necessitates professionals who can effectively design, assess, use, and monitor the functioning of internal control. Recent abuses of internal control are no longer acceptable, nor are poorly designed control systems. Certification is proposed as a means to define the Common Body of Knowledge for the practice of organizational control, and to evaluate an individual’s ability to apply that knowledge to practice.

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Objectives and Benefits of Certification

The Certified Internal Control Specialist program is intended to establish standards for initial qualification; then provide direction for the internal control activities through an aggressive education program and specification of an improving standard of professional competence. This certification program helps to:

1. Define the tasks (job dimensions) associated with the internal control activities in order to evaluate mastery of the internal control activities.
2. Demonstrate an individual’s willingness to improve professionally.
3. Acknowledge attainment of an acceptable standard of professional competency.
4. Aid organizations in selecting and promoting qualified individuals.
5. Motivate personnel having internal control responsibilities to maintain their professional competency.
6. Assist individuals in improving and enhancing their organization’s internal control programs (i.e., provide a mechanism to lead a professional).


Knowledge within a profession doesn't remain constant. Having passed the certification examination, a certified professional has demonstrated knowledge of the designation's Common Body of Knowledge at the point in time of qualification. In order to remain current in the field as knowledge and techniques change and mature, the professional must be actively engaged in professional practice and stay aware of new and emerging practices.

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Certified Internal Control Specialist (CICS)

This is a personal, professional certification of competence that is granted to individuals who meet the requirements of the certification program. Individuals must demonstrate an understanding and comprehension of the Internal Control Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) by successfully completing an online examination. This competency prepares the internal control specialist to assist organizations to design and/or assess internal control and to assist management in installing internal control processes.

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Certified Internal Control Professional (CICP)

This is a senior-level, highly skilled internal control professional certification. Individuals qualifying for this designation must satisfy and substantiate the extensive skills and knowledge requirements established by the ICI Certifications Board. 

The cornerstone of the CICP requirements focuses on the individual’s actual professional experience in the skill categories of the Internal Control Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK). Individuals qualifying for this certification, must have substantiated and verifiable participation in internal control CBOK areas.

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The following items are needed for certification/re-certification: 1) complete application form. This can be done on-line ord down load the application file and complete; 2) Attest to the validity of the submitted data; 3) On-line applications can also pay on-line or mail form with a check certification: $300 USD - CICS or $400 USD - CICP [current active CICS professionals - $125 USD], 3-year period re-certification: $100 - payable to Internal Control Institute™.

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